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One-step BOL Processing & Error Reversal

eBOL, Credit Card, EFT & Price Imports

Bulk Plant & Warehouse Management

ATG Inventory Imports

Auto-wholesale price quotes

Multi-BOL to single load invoicing

Cardlock Invoicing

Home Heating, Propane & Meter Ticketing

Tax Reporting & eFiling

Microsoft Dynamics™ Accounting

Account For Every Gallon From BOL To Billing With PetroCycle™ Wholesale

PetroCycle’s flexible "Rules Engine" and single screen simplicity combined with the scalability and performance of Microsoft Dynamics™ and Microsoft SQL™, gives you the room you need to grow.

PetroCycle’s One-step BOL Processing feature, a standard feature found in all CMI PetroCycle™ Systems, makes handling BOL’s quick and easy. Reducing manual data entry errors not only streamlines your efforts but ensures greater accuracy – resulting in lower costs, accurate invoices, and better cash flow.

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