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Customer loyalty is the perfect union of well-considered customer incentives and advanced technology to support your program. Our advanced loyalty marketing cloud allows you to personalize interactions and market to your customers on whatever channel is most convenient for them.
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CRM - Participation


The best loyalty programs make it easy to participate. Our loyalty coaches work with you to design a program that includes frictionless participation (TM) as a program design. Programs with a low barrier to entry have up to 49% loyalty member penetration rate.


Customers who love your program will want to participate more in your program; they enroll to do so. Our system is best in class and offers more enrollment options than any other system in our industry:
Toll free call center
Mail-in brochures
Light enrollment at the point of sale
Mobile enrollment channels such as SMS, Apple Pay, Google Pay and iOS/Android Apps
QR codes and NFC signage
CRM - Enrollment
CRM - Activity


KRS makes it effortless for loyalty members to identify themselves with every purchase.

KRS offers more loyalty member identifiers than any other system in our industry:
Mobile app with no taps to loyalty identity
Loyalty cards & key fobs
Telephone number


Our powerful Trigger and Action System allows you to trigger off of your customer behaviors and send offers, digital promotions, program updates, and customer status.

Our trigger system allows for advanced marketing automations through every stage of the customer journey.
CRM - Triggers
CRM - Engage

Keep members engaged through:

Tiered memberships or status based on visits, gallons, dollars, and customer behaviors
Instant prizes
Games that drive visits
Standard promotions (List of some good standard promotion examples)
Digital promotions which may be funded by your vendor's national advertising budgets

Data Driven Decisions

Leverage your company's data to make the best possible decisions.
Compare your loyalty customers to your entire customer base
Measure participation rate, market basket size, fuel spending, and convenience store spend
Monitor the performance of your digital promotions and identify promotion opportunities
Monitor Scan Rebate and Tobacco program performance
CRM - Data