"Connect with your customers and win their loyalty for life."

There are many ways to engage your best customers, from rewarding them for their patronage to delivering the most valuable personal offers directly to their mobile device.

Best in class retailers also use gamification, remote ordering/delivery, mobile payments, websites, customer care centers, surveys, email and text marketing campaigns, social media integration, digital signage and more.

Sound like a lot to handle? KickBack has it all covered and assists our clients with surprisingly affordable solutions.

KickBack Marketing Engagement Platform

Get into your customers' minds. Using our omnichannel loyalty marketing CRM, every interaction with your brand is tracked in a secure database. Customers use an app, telephone number, or loyalty card with every purchase. This rich market basket data allows you to understand a lot more about them.

The customer profile in the CRM expands through mobile-app use, surveys, offers, age verification and third party syndicated databases. Utilizing this rich data, you can meet your customers where they are with the right offer at the right time through the right marketing channel.

Full-Service Loyalty Program Support

KRS has over 20 years of experience providing loyalty solutions to retailers in the convenience store industry, so we understand just how busy you are conducting your day-to-day business; that is why we offer ongoing support throughout the life of your program. From program inception through training and launch to ongoing technical and marketing support, our team of experts are here for you every step of the way. Employees in all departments specialize in providing support, program development, marketing, reporting, and call center services for the c-store and truck stop industries.

Brandwagon CPG Digital Coupons

Brandwagon gives the customers of participating retailers access to manufacturer Digital Coupons that can be automatically redeemed in their stores to promote higher sales, increased customer satisfaction, and greater loyalty. Now, that’s what we call a triple win.

Focus on running your day-to-day operations while we assist with complete offer integration management. Our team works with local, regional, and national vendors to create a customized program tailored directly to your stores. We have long-standing relationships with dozens of top food and beverage brands and are experts in sourcing incremental Digital Coupon and loyalty funding above and beyond your current contracts.
Customized Digital Coupon offers
Offer setup and settlement
Signage design and fulfillment
Flexible Offer Periods
Monthly Summary & Site Level Reports
Offer Scan Report Distribution
Offer Credits Applied Monthly
Social Media

Social Media & Mobile Maps Marketing

How are you connecting with your customers out of the store? Do you have a 360-degree marketing strategy? If customers do not come into your stores, how will they know about all the great deals, products and services you offer? KRS can help with our social media and mobile maps marketing services.

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