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Brandwagon is not a one size fits all solution. Every retailer and program is unique, which means we do not just plug in national offers that your competitors have access to as well. We analyze your market, competitors, and what brands are the strongest in your stores. We then design and negotiate promotions based on your desired offer style approach.

Do you like the look of Get 1 Free Clubs? No problem, we can gear high-frequency brands to this style of offer. Do you want a point only program so that you make full margin on every unit that moves through your store? We love this approach and can craft offers to fit this strategy. Offer flexibility is one area we excel. It is still your program at the end of the day, and we will build out offers to fit your program design.
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Stand Out
Brandwagon - Not the Product

You Are Not The Product

As the old saying goes: “If the service is free, you are the product.” That is why we charge retailers for the service and not the brands. We work for you, and we seek to promote enhanced customer loyalty to your business. We do not sell your customer data to brands. Every cardholder's name, phone number, email, IP address, etc., all remain anonymous to brands. Read our privacy policy, and you will see that we do not sell your data like other eCoupon companies.

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