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Epiphany is our core data ecosystem that covers all business data management, from initial collection all the way to actionable insights. We call it our Data Neurocenter — the single system that powers all our solutions and provides true integration between our products and the ability for our clients to leverage data from every source within their enterprise, resulting in unparalleled business intelligence.

Epiphany leverages Amazon’s AWS cloud resources and tools using our decades of experience and deep understanding of industry data, giving you the nothing short of the industry’s BEST data analytics platform.
Profit Central
With margins being squeezed and competition growing faster than ever, now is the time to increase productivity and improve profits through better control of your business. Find out how Profit Central, a powerful, Windows-based, SKU based price book management and c-store operations tool that gives you strong centralized control and oversight over your c-store operations.

Ensure optimum processing of item-level and department-level inventory with scanning and centralized home office control. Extensive reporting with onscreen drill-down capabilities provides efficient and effective management of store inventory.
Get into your customers' minds. Using our omnichannel loyalty marketing CRM, every interaction with your brand is tracked in a secure database. Customers use an app, telephone number, or loyalty card with every purchase. This rich market basket data allows you to understand a lot more about them.

The customer profile in the CRM expands through mobile-app use, surveys, offers, age verification and third party syndicated databases. Utilizing this rich data, you can meet your customers where they are with the right offer at the right time through the right marketing channel.
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Our Whim Omnichannel ordering app provides your organization the ability to conduct commerce with your customers whenever and wherever. What could be more convenient for customers than being able to log onto YOUR mobile app or website and order exactly what they want and then pick it up at one of your convenient locations, or have it delivered directly to them?

Whim is a full-featured platform that gives you the control and flexibility necessary to manage an omnichannel strategy.
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Brandwagon gives the customers of participating retailers access to manufacturer Digital Coupons that can be automatically redeemed in their stores to promote higher sales, increased customer satisfaction, and greater loyalty. Now, that’s what we call a triple win.

Focus on running your day-to-day operations while we assist with complete offer integration management. Our team works with local, regional, and national vendors to create a customized program tailored directly to your stores. We have long-standing relationships with dozens of top food and beverage brands and are experts in sourcing incremental Digital Coupon and loyalty funding above and beyond your current contracts.
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PetroCycle™ Wholesale combines the power, scalability, and performance of Microsoft Dynamics™ and Microsoft SQL™ with KRS's flexible 'Rules Engine' and single screen simplicity to provide marketers with a system designed specifically for bulk fuel & lubes, cardlock, propane, and home heating oil operations.

From eBOL, Credit Card, EFT & Price Imports to Auto-Invoice Reconciliation & One-step BOL Processing to Tax Reporting & eFiling, PetroCycle™ has all the features wholesale petroleum marketers need to increase cash flow by reducing their billing cycle time, managing AR, and giving them the freedom to grow their businesses.
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As retail migrates to automated technologies like self-checkout, order ahead, and delivery, the role of the “cashier” will be fundamentally transformed. It will become necessary for the cashier to assist customers who choose to engage with your brand in numerous ways, all the while providing personal customer service. Your cashiers will require the tools to effectively meet these expectations, and Command Center was developed specifically for this purpose.

Command Center creates an “Augmented Cashier” environment that allows one cashier to perform the duties of two, even three cashiers, when leveraged with self-checkout POS systems like Mashgin and omni-channel solutions like Whim Delivery and Tortoise delivery robots.

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